Thursday, February 18, 2010

An update

Being stuck in the snow for over a week was nice but we missed some appointments. I am trying to make up most of them.

We did see Brayden's neurologist. As always the discussion is about seizures. How many is too many in a day? How much medication is too much? What can he tolerate? What effects do the seizures and medication have on him?

For seizure medications, he in on Keppra, Topomax and Lamictal. We have some room to increase a little bit. Brayden's head size has not grown really since he was 4-6 months old so they assume his brain in not growing much.

And in other exciting news...Brayden's bed was approved! The bed should be arriving in 1-2 months! It was first denied and then we resubmitted with more letters from his PT and one of his doctors. Now I get to think about decorating his room. Any ideas?


Melissa said...

What is it that he really enjoys? Is it the boys-noise that make him happy? Did he like the beach? hhmmm...thinking

Junior said...

congrats on getting the bed approved

Shannon said...

Decorating his room and selecting bedding will definitely be fun. I am sure the older boys will have some ideas. I think the wall appliques/stickers that are now available can be really cute. I am sure you could find some large bright ones that he would enjoy looking at. Have fun!!

Mo said...

A new bed and the need to decorate...sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

brilliant news about the bed, hows braydens hearing? a room with wind chimes etc? harvey also had optic nerve hypoplasia and i was told he couldn't see colour or detail, but as to contrast and movement that there was no way of testing for this. so i assumed he could see contrast and movement as he seemed to be able to fix his gaze on certain things. what about a rotating lamp which projects shadows against the wall of the room. also smell is good, furniture made from timber which has a rich timber smell to it could be nice. obviously not thinking along the lines of jungle themes etc and more sensory for brayden, can't help myself after having harvey xxx anne

The Henrys said...

Great news about the bed!! I have been thinking of getting one of these beds for Gracie.

Something I keep in Gracie's room is a noise machine. It has different sounds to choose from. I love it because it helps her to sleep better.