Friday, February 5, 2010

Ready for snow?

In case you haven't heard, the mid-atlantic area is expecting a very large snow storm this weekend. I have seen estimates of 20-30 inches of snow.

Guess what that means?
That's right, go shopping and stock up. Get ready for the snow.

Yesterday my first stop was Walmart, not too bad there. But my intention was to be a Costco at 10:00 when it opened. I arrived at 10:00. At first it was like the running of the bulls...everyone making a mad dash throughout the store. Once in the food section of the store, it became a game of supermarket sweep. People zooming up and down the isles loading their carts. I did not go in prepared, I wanted to look around, perhaps try out something new...not the day for that. I finally made it to the check out lines and I looked around. My cart looked pitiful in comparison to those around me...maybe I needed more stuff?

Next I proceeded to the grocery store, Wegman's to be specific, not the best choice in terms of crowds. The parking lot was loaded and once inside it was a traffic jam of people.

Not only do we need those kinds of supplies. We need to make sure we have things for Brayden; all of his medications and medical supplies. So Jeremy made a trip to the pharmacy.

To add in an extra bit of excitement we have to worry about loosing power. Where we live, it is not uncommon to loose power. The power never just flickers on and off. If it starts that we know that power outage is eminent. A few times we have lost power for several days.

When we first moved to Waterford, Jeremy purchased a generator. At the time, I thought it was a ridiculous purchase, I wanted to spend the money on furniture for the new house.

Since then the generator has become a trusted family friend. Especially since we have Brayden. We need to run his feeding pump (yes it has a battery but it doesn't last a day since it is running constantly). We need to run his suction machine. When he vomits, we need to be able to bathe him so it does not burn his skin. We need to be able to refrigerate his medications. We need heat because he cannot control his body temperature effectively.

While the generator does not run the entire house, most of the main floor is operational.

We have food, lots of comfort food, diapers, medications, medical supplies, ATV with a plow, shovels, ice melt and a generator (and I bought a couple of movies). And some boys ready to play in the snow!

We are ready...bring on the snow.


The Henrys said...

I am a little jealous of the witner storm that you are getting. We haven't had much where we are and my son and I love when we get winter storms.

Shannon said...

Wow. I want to come to your house!! It sounds like you are all ready to snuggle in for a nice long weekend. Enjoy it!!

Abby said...

Ready or not...its here! Glad my kids got let out of school early...sounds like you are all ready too, have a great weekend!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Wow! Sounds like you are really prepared. The generator sounds wonderful! I often wonder what we would do if we lost power (Emily also uses a feeding pump at night). Hope you have a great weekend making fun memories!

The VW's said...

That's a lot of snow expected! Good thing you are prepared! It's kind of fun to be snowed in, if you have no place to go and are prepared for it! Have fun!

We bought a generator after Gavin was born, thankfully we haven't had to use it, but it's a comfort knowing that we have it if we need it! Hope that you don't end up needing yours this weekend! HUGS!!!