Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another day another doctor

Today was a day to see the orthopedist for a check-up.

Today was also a day that school was canceled due to snow (although they totally could have gone to school, the roads are great).

Carter, Luke, Brayden and I trekked in to the doctor, about an hour drive.

This office is always crazy busy and lots of waiting.

Today seemed to be a day when everyone around seem to stare at Brayden. No words, just staring and maybe accompanied with the pity smile that people like to give.

Once we finally got to see the orthopedist, she said that he looks great. There is always concern with the hips of those with cerebral palsy as well as tightness in the legs. Brayden has neither problem. The doctor did mention that her notes from last visits stated that he was tight and may need Botox shots but as of today, that is not a concern in the least bit.

Brayden did get a prescription for his first pair of AFO orthotics. He does not need them on a daily basis but to be used in therapy for a stander. That is an appointment for next week...


The VW's said...

I love snow days! But, not if you have to spend the day at the doctor's! :(

I also love Brayden's shoes! They are so cool!

Is that the stander that Brayden is getting? It looks really great, especially since he can sit in it as well! Gavin has a Leckey Squiggles stander and we love it, but he can't be in a sitting position in it.

Love and Hugs!!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a pretty good appointment. Hope all goes well with the AFO's and stander!

Love the picture, by the way. You have 3 handsome boys!

Mo said...

Handsome little fella's...all three seem perfect!