Friday, May 24, 2013

That right leg is wrong

Brayden went to see his ortho doctor.  Brayden's right leg has really been bothering him.  I noticed it, especially in the car seat.  His nurse has noticed it as well as the people at school, so much so that they stopped doing any weight bearing activities for his legs.  

He has been seeing this ortho doctor since he was a baby for almost every three months...she knows Brayden.  The doctor looked at him and with one touch to his leg, she immediately said that his leg felt different and he seemed in pain beyond just being tight.

So Brayden had x-rays.  The x-rays were painful, trying to position his leg for the best pictures. 

It seems Brayden may have/had a slight fracture on the back of his femur; a fracture on the outside, that runs almost parallel with the bone.  It may have happened a few weeks ago since we could see the bright white on the x-ray film showing new growth.  There was also a slight (tiny, tiny) possible fracture in the femur in the front.  There is no need to cast Brayden since it is not a major break and she worries that casting him will not help much anyway.  Brayden will be getting another round of Botox, specifically targeting his right leg on June 11. The good news, the problem was not his hip.  I was really worried he was moving into some hip problems, which can be a huge problem.
That right leg is pulled up so tight, he is protecting it.  He winces with pain when we move him the wrong way.  There is really no way of really knowing how it happened...unfortunately really just part having CP, being completely dependant upon people moving him and this time the doctor called him osteopenic.

That was the first time she has used that word, osteopenic, to describe Brayden...which could open a whole other can of worms.

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Anonymous said...

oh, poor little guy! i hope he heals fast and can get back weight-bearing, bone-strengthening actvities soon!