Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One of those things not to yell across any room...

would be a woman's weight.


Weighing Brayden is a task all in its self.  When he was little (and he was scrawny and little for a long time) we could some how manage to squeeze him on a baby scale.  Once he no longer fit, that is when audience participation is required.

We (meaning Brayden's nurse or I) get on the scale to be weighed.  Then we stand on the same scale holding Brayden.  Then subtract the difference and there you have Brayden's weight.

At a recent appointment, we did the weight dance...on and off the scale.  Brayden's nurse walked on to the scale.  The office nurse shouted out her weight across the office for the other office nurse to record.  Her weight not holding Brayden. I started laughing and tried to make a joke about never yelling a women's weight...that could be a public embarrassment.  A little lesson in office etiquette was needed.


Anonymous said...

I have a daughter just like Brayden!

Anonymous said...

Contact me as I'd love to share. It's amazing how similar our kiddos are. My daughter, Paris, is 9 now so she's a little bit older but many of her diagnosis' are identical!

Unknown said...

Hi I am happy to find your blog. Your son is beautiful My grandson was diagnosed 7 weeks ago with billateral optic nerve dysplasia. he also has a cortisol deficiency & just started on synthroid for his thyroid. I would love to keep in contact with you...thxs