Friday, May 17, 2013

Had to call the doctor

Brayden GI system and a fickle thing.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.  And there rarely is an explanation for any of it.

Brayden recently has a violent vomiting spell.

That morning I was at the doctor with Luke getting his stitches removed.  When we left the building I noticed a voice mail from Brayden's nurse.  She rarely calls me, it is usually a quick little text here and there.  The fact that she called me caused me to worry.

I called her back.  She described Brayden's vomiting that morning.  Brayden was vomiting blood and a lot of ground blood.  Brayden's nurse has seen him vomit a lot but this was the first time she experienced the blood (he used to vomit blood all the time and we would end up in the hospital).

I got Luke to school and headed home.  Brayden was resting and I knew I needed to call his doctor.

I was already preparing my reasoning for not going to the hospital and managing him at home.

Deep breath and I called.  I spoke to the desk worker, she was going to leave the doctor a message but as soon as I said "vomiting blood" I was quickly transferred to Brayden's doctor.  Thankfully, Brayden's doctor has been with him through a lot of hospital stays and vomiting problems.

The doctor, of course, suggest the action of going to the hospital.  I contest a little and tt was decided to turn off Brayden's food for a few hours, then start him on Pedialyte (he cannot have a lot because of the ketogenic diet), all to give him a little gut rest.  If Brayden vomited one more time and it was bloody, we had to head to the ER immediately.

Thankfully, Brayden did not vomit anymore blood.  Hospital was avoided, however stress was not how quickly those old days of constant vomiting came rushing back.

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