Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A little more help please

Carter and Luke are amazing brothers to Brayden.  They love him and take such good care of him.  They have seen more medical things than most adults.  Many, many times they have helped me clean up Brayden after a good diaper blow out or a major vomit.

Last night I was driving on route 15 during rush hour.  All three boys in the back.  We were going to take Carter to basketball practice.

Brayden started that delightful gagging/coughing noise that he does oh so well.  Carter shouted, "I think Brayden is going to throw up."  I did not think Brayden was really going to (since he coughs like that many times a day) but I asked Carter to put a rag under Brayden's chin just in case.

As Carter placed the rag under Brayden's chin.  Brayden started to spew and it was not stopping.  All over Carter, running down Brayden's arm and leg...then pooling on top of Carter's basketball bag.

Let me remind you, Brayden does not eat by mouth nor does he get anything in to his stomach other than one medication.  So he is really just vomiting stomach secretions and such (it is no where near as terrible as if Carter or Luke started throwing up in the car) but this time it was a lot of vomit.

I am still driving trying to decide if I should pull of the road or drive ahead.  Brayden was not stopping so I needed to stop.  But I look in my rear view mirror and Carter is hanging his head out of the window.  Apparently all of Brayden's vomiting was making him a little ill.  And he was even more grossed out that it was pooling on his basketball bag.  Really, how many times has this happened...hundreds of times and now he is getting grossed out?!

Then Luke is in the back of the car passing up one little wipe to try and help.

I pull off the road.  Brayden is soaked and completely covered in his own vomit. Carter is still hanging his head out of the window and refuses to even look at the pool of vomit on his bag, let alone clean it up.  Brayden has completely filled the rag and Luke is trying to help with his tiny little wipe.  Luke finally passes up the entire package of wipes and we start cleaning up the mess.

Carter is now a little late for basketball.  We pull up and a wonderful friend (K) offers to drive Carter home, even though it is out of her way, so we don't have to stay.  And it was a good thing because Brayden was going to go to basketball practice naked only covered by a blanket.

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