Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fun of a Haircut

I enjoy getting my haircut.  It is incredibly relaxing.  If it was socially acceptable to fall asleep, I would.  And right now I need the end of the summer, get all of the dead ends off, hair cut.  One of these days I will make to the hair salon.

But today was Brayden's turn.  In my perfect little world, Brayden would have had a fresh hair cut before the first day of look dapper and all for the big first day.  Well, that did not happen, we completely ran out of time.  We get his hair cut at a little barber shop in a town the opposite direction of everywhere we go, so making time for his hair cut has proven to be a bit more difficult.  And I put it off all this week because of the torrential down pouring of rain every day.

Today, I was determined to get his hair cut.  Ask most parents of special needs children about hair cuts and I am pretty sure they would tell you that hair cuts are stressful.  Propping up the child, holding them still, the clippers, scissors, hair flying everywhere (and no matter what Brayden seems to get in his mouth), not to mention all of the sensory is no simple task and certainly the opposite of relaxing.

We arrive, I put on a cape, Brayden puts on a cape and then I put him in my lap.  He is certainly doing better with haircuts these days but holding his head, when he does NOT like his face to be touched, is still something that gets him mad.

I think I hold my breath for the majority of the haircuts.  Praying that a swift head jerk will not result in a clipper creating an unforgiving line/cut or a wound from the scissors.

Today went pretty well.  The proof:
Then home for a bath and he naps the rest of the afternoon...apparently the stress wore him out.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Boy, do I relate to this! I put off Emily's haircuts for as long as I can. She has bangs, so I even try to trim those on my own to drag it out even more. Of course, trimming her bangs at home is no easy task either! She has poor head control. So it is amazing that they look remotely even when we are done.

She has had so many haircuts that she normally does OK (other than the fact that she keeps trying to look at the person cutting her hair and she also hates it when I hold her head by touching her face). I am always concerned that her hair will be super uneven or even worse she will have her ear cut because she is so squirmy!

Lately, she has been getting more and more sensitive to noise, so she was not happy at her last haircut because it was very noisy. I really needed one more challenge! You are so right - there is nothing relaxing about taking her to get her haircut!

Love the pics of Brayden. His hair really was getting long. I bet he looks so much older with the new haircut - funny how that happens!

Vivianne said...

Well done! Handsome boy <3