Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Nurse starts tomorrow

Yesterday afternoon I meet with a woman that will be Brayden's new nurse.  The agency that facilitates Brayden's nursing care, set up the appointment (love the ladies at the nursing agency).  The nurse came to our house.  She seemed very sweet and was incredibly kind to Brayden.  I went through some of the basics for Brayden's care and she seemed comfortable with it all and ready to learn the things she was not.  We discussed schedule.  It all seemed to line up just fine.

After she left I called the agency and said we were ready to start with her.  Thus she will be coming tomorrow afternoon to get Brayden off the bus and spend the afternoon with us learning the ropes.

The nurse will be with us M-F for 40 hours and going to school with him once a week.

In preparation, I pulled out all of our information on Brayden.  In the past, I typed up info for his respite care and nurse.  I had not looked at the folder in over a year, my how things have changed!  I had to rewrite just about everything.  I like everything in writing, so that if there is ever a question or concern, it can be looked up (especially if I am not around to answer).

Here is what I have in our packet:
  • Emergency sheet - we have this sheet every where (school, bag, car).  Includes all important medical information like lists of medications, doctors, diagnosis.  It is what we hand to the EMTs, ER doctor, or when being admitted to the hospital.  Lots of info crammed on one sheet.
  • To do Daily Medications; To do Suctioning, Ketones, Blood Glucose
  • Weekly Schedule - an idea of Brayden's daily activities
  • Supplies - Cleaning, organizing, etc.
  • Info of his Tube and Seizures
  • Using the feeding pump
  • Ketogenic Diet mixture and information
  • Fact Sheet - fun little bits about Brayden's likes and dislikes, words he responds to, etc.
  • Diagnoses - brief explanations of his diagnoses
  • Optional - House Rules (I have not done this but I know several moms who do)
Yes, the nursing agency provides charts and notes for the nurses to fill out based upon Brayden's medical needs.  This information is for the nurse to better understand Brayden.

Pray for this new nurse, that it will be a good fit for our family and Brayden.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Praying all went well with the new nurse. I love the idea of the packet of info about Brayden. I have been thinking about doing something like this myself.

Shannon said...

How did it go with the new nurse?