Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Listening and Seeing

As I was out running errands today, I happened upon the Kids Radiothon for Children's National Medical Center.  All day they played songs intertwined with stories about children who have come to Children's.  I sat and listened, definitely teared up for a few of the stories.

One dad shared a story about his son.  His son was born with several brain abnormalities and found out that he had a certain syndrome (one that Brayden was tested for).  As he and his wife were trying to process all the new medical terms and adjusting to what that meant for their their son, one of the doctors pulled the dad to the side.

The doctor said something like this, I am not going to talk to you as the doctor, I am going to talk to you parent to parent...
Soon, you will not see the syndrome and medical problems, you WILL look at him and see your son.

We are often asked, how do we do it.  We do it because he is our son.  A love so strong that we see past the medical problems and things he cannot do...a strong love because he is our son.

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