Thursday, September 8, 2011

How Brayden does the rain

Brayden's previous wheelchair had a canopy (much like a stroller) that we could cover him with to keep out the majority of the rain.

We do not take him out much in the rain because I have no desire to get soaked putting him and all his gear into the car, putting together his wheelchair and breaking it down again to load in the car.

However, on school days...well school is not canceled because of the rain.

It has been raining here non stop for too many days.  A rain coat for Brayden does not do much good, it would just keep his shirt dry.  What about his pants, his wheelchair?  He has to sit in his wheelchair for several hours at school so it cannot get soaked.

The bus does come to the end of our driveway (which is not too long) but the wheelchair lift on the bus is slow and fully exposed to any weather elements.  So what to do?

A poncho!
I kept a poncho (apparently a nice poncho that has snaps on the side...who knew there were nice ponchos) from a trip several years ago to Disney when I had no desire to get wet on a ride.  I dug out the poncho and gave it a try for Brayden.

He was not too fond of the poncho, especially around his face.  But I do like the way it accentuates his round cheeks.
He is dry.  Wheelchair is dry.  Hooray for ponchos!


The VW's said...

Great idea Momma! : )

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a great idea! I have been trying to figure out what to do for Emily since she is riding the bus this year. Maybe I need to get myself a poncho!

Vivianne said...

Haha! Too cute! x

Tracey said...

Hi, I read your blog often and pray for you every day.. thought this might help?