Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wet Pants

My middle son, Luke, is not potty trained. He is three. We have been trying for several months. I realize that the problem with training is all about the time. We have so many things going on with Brayden that we have not made potty training a big priority for Luke. I am having the bad mom guilt. Is the potty training problem a potential sign of a bigger problem? Not having enough time for Carter and Luke. Carter is very understanding; he knows that Brayden’s needs tend to come first because he cannot take care of himself. I am not sure if Luke understands. Today, I was in the middle of changing Brayden’s feeding tube and Luke announces that he needs help to go to the bathroom. I just needed one more second to close up Brayden’s tube and I was going to be right there but I did not make it in enough time. Luke had wet pants. I wanted to scream, not at him but at myself. I forgot to even ask him after his nap to go to bathroom. I was busy with Brayden. We are still figuring out how to make time for everyone and help the boys understand Brayden’s needs without making them feel less important. I love each of them in so many different ways and never want them to be waiting for me…in wet pants.

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