Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What does it mean to be involved? Complicated, difficult or high maintenance? Have you ever been described as being involved? During Brayden’s recent hospital stay, I over heard our nurse speaking with the head nurse. She was asking how she was doing since she was handling a patient that was so involved. I felt myself stop for a moment. Involved? Brayden is involved? I looked at my sweet little baby’s face. He was just lying there, not crying, not asking for anything and he is involved? I know that the nurse did not mean anything negative by the statement. I could agree with her; Brayden’s circumstances are bit high maintenance. He was in the hospital for a G-tube but while there we dealt with seizures and rheumatology. On top of that he is one year old but developmentally close to a three month old and visually impaired. So I guess that he is involved. Brayden has been such an easy baby. He has been sleeping great for many months, he rarely complains, he handles all of the doctors, nurses and therapists constantly poking at him and pushing to do things that are a struggle for him. For everything going on, he is low maintenance. It is hard for me to realize that he is “involved”. I never thought of myself as having an "involved" child. Those are the special families that you sometimes see out and about pushing their handicap child in some sort of devise or gently leading by the hand. I know that he has a lot going on but I try to stay involved in each moment and take it moment by moment. That is all I can do.

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