Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet Little Hands

There are moments with my children that I wish I could hold on to forever. I cherish holding their sweet little hands. They reach up and grab a hold with so much love and trust. I just want to hold on and not let go. Brayden is slowly learning about his body. Just in the past week he realized that his hands can explore things other than his mouth. This evening he reached out his hand while sitting in my lap. He put his hand on mine and gently starting stroking it with his cubby little fingers. I sat there with tears in my eyes and goose bumps all over. It felt so wonderful; I did not want to move. I sat and watched him slowly move his fingers over my hand. Always having a camera close by just in case he has a big moment, I had to take a picture to remember. This past year I just watched him hold his little hands so tight and twitch from a seizure. He rarely has his hands relaxed and open. Seeing his hands open and exploring feels like a big milestone for him and his development. He is slowly finding hands and what they can do. I love the moments when he has discovered something new. I want to take his hand and hold on to it forever. Maybe holding hands and pat-a-cake are coming soon.

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