Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What they know

We have always talked to Carter and Luke about Brayden.  They have been to hospitals more times than they can count.  I often wondered what impact it has on their lives or how much they understand.

Well here are some comments from this past week:

I was telling the boys the schedule for the week, which included Brayden's botox at the hospital.
From Luke (7 yrs old, our talker):  "For his botox, will he go to sleep by mask or by needle this time?"
Me (wondering how did he know he could go under by mask or needle):  "By mask and he will fall right asleep."  Maybe Luke has it in him to be a doctor...

Later in the week, I had Brayden, Carter and his friend in the car.  There was a discussion about a boy playing football with braces.
Friend:  "His is the boy with braces."
Carter (9 yrs old, our thinker):  "Really, what kind of braces!?"
Friends: "You know, braces."
Carter:  "But where are his braces?"
Friends:  "Braces on his teeth!"
I am driving listening to this conversation.  Braces in our house, mean AFOs, back braces, etc.  Carter has seen a lot those kind of braces.  Carter was trying to picture a boy playing football was some leg brace on...not at all thinking the more common orthodontia braces.

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Leighann said...

It is interesting to see what the kids pick up. The girls say things sometimes which blows my mind. Mostly it comes out in their pretend play... how different their version of playing doctor is to other kids' versions.