Friday, September 7, 2012

Beauty in the Mail

Many months ago I was reacquainted with a fabulous gal that I had known when Jeremy and I were first married.  Those years ago she and I traveled (with the church) to Romania to work with orphaned children, way up in the Transylvania mountains, where she returned to live and work for a while.  Over the years we lost touch.

Flash back to today, she is a mother, as am I, living in NoVA.  Her heart has only gotten bigger over the years.  We have had very brief conversations here and there, passing by each other at church.  A couple of emails here and there.   Just from those small interactions, she did something wonderful for me.

Yesterday, Brayden and I headed downtown for the Children's ketogenic clinic.  I love to drive in Washington DC, looking at all of the buildings and people.  As we head to Children's, we always pass the National Postal Museum.  I sit on North Capital every time and look at this building.  I have yet to enter this building but I am fascinated with it for one simple reason.

Above the entrance is this beautiful quote.  A quote about the written letter...which is becoming a lost art.  How a simple letter can have a bigger impact on lives.
Reading this yesterday reminded me of of my friend...the compassion and love that she showed me in such a simple way by mail.

Seeing words written in a card or letter is so lovely.  How exciting it is to get an actual letter in the mail!  Some one taking the time to send a letter, finding the right stationary, thinking of you, seeing their handwriting, their own is to be cherished.

You see, over a year ago, I started receiving these hand made cards in the mail....from complete strangers.  My friend organized women, most of whom I do not know, to send me notes.  Cards filled with notes of love and encouragement.  Cards that seemed hand delivered from God, knowing my needs at that moment, right into my mailbox.

Being a mother to a child with many medical needs, can be very isolating.  Most of the effort, compassion and love is focused on it should be.  However as the mom, you very quickly become last priority.  You know you have support, but the majority of the time you have it in the way of practical things (ie watching the boys, meals, etc.) which is what most people know how to do.  Emotional support can be harder to come by and frankly hard to ask for and understand the right time for it.

But these cards, these precious cards, came in my mail over a period of months.  Something simple but something so thoughtful and cherished.  I have kept them in a couple of places so that I can take them out and read their sweet words.  Women that I have never met, praying for me, loving me, consoling me...enlarging my (not-so) common life.


Anonymous said...

funny...i remember a certain blonde chicka in Romania, hugging a little boy close despite the white pussy maggot like think embedded in his head, lending me her new black and white bathing suit, later returned brown and black and smelly and ruined so i could swim with the kiddos in the brown fizzy water hole, i remember spilling bright red cough syrup on your new white carpet only to be down played as no big deal. Could this lack of reaction the the gross and the loss of new and best be a frontrunner of messes to come? You are a rock star mommy and your 3, no 4, including Jeremy boys are super lucky. Hugs, sandie

Unknown said...

What a fabulous friend and sweet way to feel God's love in a tangible way. Also, thanks again for sharing your life with us through the written word. It is such a gift and blessing to others.