Sunday, September 23, 2012

20 minutes for Botox

At the hospital for over 6 hours on Thursday.
For a twenty minute procedure of Botox.

Thankfully Brayden was quite happy all day.  I was hungry waiting in pre-op for so long so I was sneaking snacks (note to self,  pack snacks that are quiet, no loud packaging or crunching).

Shots of Botox up and down both legs.  His legs have been very tight and his hip positions are looking troublesome.  Praying the botox helps with his comfort and position.
The orthopedic surgeon signs all the areas for where he will have botox then I sign the areas as well...not signing on paper but all over his legs, front and back.
The procedure is very quick; about 20 minutes, including anesthesia (just to sleep by mask).  But they treat it like surgery so food was stopped at 4:00 a.m. in the morning.  By the time he was wheeled back it was 2:30 p.m. and he was sucking/smacking his lips (something he seems to do when off food for too long).

He was in the PACU and not wanting to wake up.  He was holding tight to my precious boy.
He did wake up when they started removing the monitor stickers, etc.  And he was made so he went into a screaming fit when he holds his breath and turns blue.  The boys does this often but oh how I wish he would not do it in the PACU.  The nurses were getting concerned and called the anesthesilogist, put him back on oxygen...while Brayden would scream, hold his breath and then do it all over again.  I continued to reassure him that he does this and is just fine once he calms down.

Well, he did calm down but then starting seizing.  I was saying "Oh, he is fine, this is just his normal seizure.  We can home go."  The nurse was cautious but filled out our discharge papers.  By the time the anesthesilogist came Brayden was fine and we wheeled out.

The botox seems to have helped a little already.  It also helps dressing him.  Now that cooler weather is here, putting pants on a child with tight legs is a tedious task for all involved.  And praying to avoid any major hip problems for a long while.

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dannette said...

It amazes me how different botox is given from one neurologist to another. Our neurologist does not use anesthesia and I never have an idea, well general, exactly where he will inject or how many injections. For us this works as Meya does not come out of anesthesia easily and then has delerium for some time. I do use a cream that helps numb in the areas I expect he will inject, but that is hit or miss at its best. Amazingly, Meya does not cry, definitely makes some faces, but she has been a trooper and we are headed home in less than 20 minutes. I do always let her know when we are headed to botox, so she can have time to work out her anxiety. Meya is nonverbal, but most definitely understands everything, so this has helped that she knows there are never surprises when we go to the neurologist.