Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A watched pot

Never boils. That is how I am feeling with the start of the enzymes for Brayden.

Brayden has officially started the pancreatic enzymes. It has been about 10 days. With every diaper change, I hope to find something is still oily, looking like he is still not absorbing. Still about 3 bowel movements a day. The true test seems to be if Brayden starts gaining weight. I must admit I want to weigh him every day. He feels so frail and skinny (although he seems to storing fat for the winter in his cheeks). No sign of weight gain yet.

This week Brayden has pink eye. Not quite sure how he got it since Carter and Luke have shown no signs and Brayden has barely been to school because of the winter weather causing school cancellations. As if Brayden does not deal with enough, let's do pink eye! Several days of eye drops, a few times a day and he should be done.
He is enjoying having everyone home for snow days. He gets to hang out with the big boys. One morning he sat with his brothers in the basement while they played Wii and he was just happy to be with them, everyone in pajamas and sweats.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Poor thing! His eye looks awful! Praying that the drops do their thing and he is over pink eye in no time. Also praying for weight gain for the little man.

Amanda said...

Poor little dude... pink eye is no fun :( I pray for speedy eye recovery, and WEIGHT GAIN in Jesus name!

April said...

Aw, poor boy- hope your eye gets feeling better... and hoping for weight gain (wish I could say that:)