Friday, September 3, 2010

School Orientation Special Ed Style

Brayden had his back-to-school orientation.
He is in the same classroom, with the same teachers, aids and therapists. Whom we adore.

There is still the same glaring fluorescent lights, strange school smell and noise of a special ed classroom (noises of children and adults, crying, musics, toys, etc.). Things we do not enjoy.

He is on the same schedule of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for the morning.

His cubby is ready for him. All the monkeys.

Brayden seemed to be pretty comfortable back in the room but when the noise became too much, he had enough. Several of the children from last year are returning and there are some new ones as well. A total of 8 children...they do not all come on the same days.

Brayden has been pretty opinionated this summer. Meaning he SCREAMS and cries when he is fed up, does not want to do something or tired. He sounds like he is in pain and he holds his breath when he gets really upset. He has kicked it up a notch this summer. I want him to participate in school and the activities. When he is screaming and that upset he will not do much of anything.
Praying for a happy-to-be-at-school Brayden...


The VW's said...

Hope you enjoy being at school Brayden! I bet you will get used to it once again and hopefully have lots of fun!

Gavin has become more vocal about his dislikes this summer as well! I would be worried about school with him, except he went part-time during the summer, which should help him get back into the groove easier....thankfully!

Praying it goes well! Hugs!!!

Melissa said...

Have you thought of some ear muffs or plugs that still let some sound through but still allow him to benefit from what is going on? At least until he gets used to it again? It might not be just the noise but that it exceeds his threshold of tolerance.???