Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It coming out

Brayden is back to vomiting several times a day. It started on Sunday.

Several seizures a day, mixed in with the vomiting. He is wiped out and wants to spend most of his day in bed. He could be tired from all the seizures and vomiting. He could also be sick.

This may not sound great but I hope he IS sick. A little bug is something that will pass. If he is falling back into the vomiting and several seizures that is not good.

Lots of baths and bedding changes. His skin is a bit burned from the acidic vomit so the bath is not enjoyable when the soap touches the tender skin.

Now is he sleeping. And I am off to wash the sheets.


Abi said...

that sounds rough ... praying for you and Brayden.

littleharves said...

thinking of you and brayden, hoping it passes quickly without too much discomfort to the little man xxx anne

The VW's said...

Praying he is feeling better soon! Love and Hugs!!!

Junior said...

lots of prayers, feel better sweet boy.

Amity said...

Hope he feels better real soon.