Friday, May 14, 2010

Picture for picture's sake

I am not one to get the boys pictures taken at a photography studio. I never seemed pleased with those posed photos with a forced smile (I think my boys are cute but their fake smile is dreadful).

For Brayden, I have, at least, done a photo for each birthday. I try to send out those photos to some family and friends that have been praying for us.

We tried photos again for turning 3.

Brayden was not in the mood. The photo place tried (awkwardly) to help position him for the optimal picture position. Holding his head is a challenge...holding is head for a photo is even more so.

Brayden looked extremely perturbed the entire time.

One half smile that they some how managed to capture.

He wiggled down and around from the propped up positions. Four adults were raising all kinds of ruckus to get his attention. Singing, clapping, waving toys, whistling, toys with noise... Can you guess why he was annoyed?

Oh wait...he got really still...oh dear a seizure. I did not tell the photographers because it was a little disappearing seizure and I just said he needed a break.
We got a picture. A 3 year old picture.


Shannon said...

He is getting so big, Carrie. A very handsome little boy.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

He looks so grown up! It is amazing to look at this picture compared to the one on your side bar. What a difference! He certainly is not a baby anymore!

Junior said...

Such a sweet guy, getting big.

Andrea said...

He's so handsome!!