Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My Mother's day was nice...a few bumps but nice. Carter, Luke and Brayden had lots of goodies that they had made (Brayden painted a flower pot at school) and flowers for me.

It started with an alarm on one of our safes going off. It was going off because the batteries were low. It was going off at about 5:15 a.m. It woke up everyone in the house.

After the alarm was taken care of (which took way too long to fix), Jeremy made some breakfast. At breakfast was the discussion that it was Mother's day. The boys wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Then Carter asked when it would be Father's Day. Luke asked when it would be Kid's Day. We told him that there was no kid's day. He, of course, asked why. Jeremy responded with, "Luke, everyday is kid's day."

Brayden apparently thought it should be his day.

He screamed all the way to church (Jeremy was about to turn around and go home). He cried on and off during church; I did my best to console him. Then we went to lunch, at a delicious restaurant. Brayden cried on and off.

As Jeremy loaded him into the car, he leaned to me and said, "Why couldn't God at least have him not cry at lunch? At least not today." I assured Jeremy that lunch was still delicious and such a treat from appetizer to dessert.

He cried on and off the remainder of the day. Sometimes he has days like this without any rhyme or reason. He finally settled down shortly before bedtime when Carter and Luke climbed into bed with him and read books.

Apparently, Brayden did not get the memo that it was Mother's Day. Brayden wanted all the attention.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Kid's Day is every day - I love that! It is so true!

Sorry that Brayden was having a tough day. We have had days like that from time to time. Don't you just wish he could tell you what is going on?

The VW's said...

My husband and I tell our boys that same thing all the time, "Kids day is everyday!"

Sorry that Brayden was having a sad day on Mother's Day! He was probably just confusing the day.....he thought Mother's Day was a day for us Moms to do what we do best, take care of our little ones! :)

Your boys made some cute things for you! HUGS!!!

Leah said...

we had the same kind of mother's day. wyatt has been doing so well and sunday was a mess. i really think that any time the focus is off of him, he figures it out!
oh well - happy mother's day to you!