Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Randomness in all of this

At some point the craziness has to be comical...we are just a mess.

My lecture to the boys the other day may have sounded like this (in that oh-so lovely mom crazy voice):
"Yes, this sucks.  All of it sucks.  Complaining and whining about how much it sucks is only going to make it suck more and make all of us even more miserable. 
Oh and don't say suck, ever,  It sounds awful."

On my way in to the hospital this morning my mind was all over the place.  Here is my randomness about this summer:
  • Being in the rental house makes me realize that we do not only miss our actual house but we miss being in a neighborhood.  We feel very isolated.  The boys miss being able to run to multiple houses to find friends.  In the rental we have horses to talk to.
  • The rental house air conditioner is broken in the front of the house, which is where the bedrooms, TV room and kitchen are located.  It has been broken since we have been there.  I really do like air conditioning (and I am sure the mice in this house do to, yikes).  Hoping they will fix it soon.
  • The boys are not sleeping well, perhaps from the hot house or just not being in their own home.  Which means they are bickering more with each other, love that.  Trying to be patient with that.
  • The rental house is on the other side of Waterford which actually makes us feel so much closer to everything.  Amazing what shaving off 10-15 minutes feels like.
  • Before Brayden came to the hospital, the hospital bed that we are renting in the rental house, broke and is stuck in the upright position...yes he slept like that for a couple of nights while we wait for it to be repaired.
  • I really do like vanilla hospital pudding.  I always have.  Weird but it is a simple pleasure being here.
  • It has been around 3 years since Brayden has been admitted to the hospital.  That is an amazing stretch.  We are here a lot for appointments and procedures (and don't count ER visits).  But 3 years, considering how much we had done his first 5 years of life, is good.
  • The hospital movies have been a nice change for Brayden.  He is loving Nemo and Aladdin.
  • I need to start a blog for sights to see at a city hospital (much like the sights to see at Walmart websites).  Just people watching is entertaining.  No I do not mean the sweet patients here, it is all the other stuff going on around, holy cow.
  • Very few parents in the inpatient area.  On our current wing, we have only seen one parent.  Heart breaking.  And we know there are many reasons why they cannot be here.
  • This hospital is overwhelming (I remember some one telling us that shortly after Brayden was born).  If you open your eyes, you see too much heart ache and hurt.  Just this morning, we saw a father break down in the cafeteria.  The first day here we heard the PICU desk, seemingly talking to the morgue about picking up a body.
  • Driving in and out of DC to this hospital is quite an adventure, especially during the summer.  Why oh why does the tourist try to cross the 8 lanes of constitution ave. when they are not on a cross walk...  And heaven forbid you get stuck waiting for the Presidential motorcade to go through.
  • Football starts tonight for the boys.  That will be a welcomed activity to keep them busy and seeing friends.  We were able to get most of their gear from the fire cleaning company.
  • The boys have been playing tennis since the rental has a court.  They really like it and have picked it up quickly.  I realize how much I really do enjoy tennis and miss playing it.
  • I feel like we are having an experiment in living like a minimalist.  Equipped only with our clothes and gear from vacation, we each have a good 10 outfits that go through the rotation.  Which means I have to keep up with laundry.  And after all of this, I never want to see these clothes again. 
  • The meals people have been bringing all have been delicious.  A huge help.  And apparently some of our friends have been hiding what good cooks they are.
  • We have an amazing community from the schools, to Waterford, to sports.  All kinds of help.  Even just with a simple hug or text.  Love every bit of it.
  • I don't know if Jeremy or I have a limit but we may be pushing it.
  • We found out Brayden's bus cannot pick him up at the rental house.  Which means I will be driving him (to a school that is not in our community) and will have to rearrange his school times for the fall so I can get Carter and Luke to and from their school bus times.
  • I cannot wait for school to start because it will offer some routine for everyone. 
  • I cannot wait for all of this to be over and we came resume our "regular" chaos.
  • God is in control and thank goodness because I cannot be in charge of this craziness. 

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