Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Moving Up and Out of PICU

Well a 24 hours in the "special" roommate PICU room has been a treat.  We didn't realize how good Brayden had it in his private PICU room for the past several days.
Jeremy spent the night last night.  I have been here all day.  Our one chair in Brayden's zone, where we sat, is pushed up against the magic curtain dividing us from another patient in here.  I look down this morning and I realized we are pushed up against the neighbors bed side toilet (the picture of the leg and chux under it to catch anything).  Delightful.  Another neighbor in this "suite" of 4 patients has no sense of neighborly behavior, playing the TV so loud that you can hear it down the hall and all of the room has been privy to his life drama that he has discussed over several phone calls.  Not to mention all the staff and equipment noises as well.

That 24 hours seemed like the longest 24 hours of being here.

But Brayden has moved up to the general floor this evening.

He has had a good day.  He just seems frustrated with being here and being messed with.  All of his numbers are looking good and he is almost up to the normal feeding rate through his j-tube.  Still on some IV fluids.  We have still been waiting for the GI to take over or at least relay a plan for Brayden's GI motility problems.  I am a little okay with not seeing the GI doctor that is doing rounds, he has reminded me of why we switched Brayden's GI doctor several years ago.  But I do want a plan to see the Motility GI doctor when we get out of the hospital.

Only one nurse has told us that he may go home tomorrow so we are holding on to that.  No one has said it since but we have high hopes to get outta here.  Everything they are doing for him, we can do at home (other than the IV and he is not getting much through it).

The new room is quite spacious.  It should be a good night sleep.  And since he is no longer in the PICU he should be left alone for the majority of the night.  But right now he is screaming and I don't know how to comfort him.

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