Friday, September 5, 2014

He wasn't faking...

Brayden seemed miserable at school yesterday.  This usually means he just does not want to be there (or he needs to have a good poop).  Brought him home from school, he was doing alright; in the evening he did his deed in the diaper, had a shower, nighttime meds and dozed off to sleep.

About 3:45 a.m. I sprang out of my bed, down a flight of steps to Brayden's room because I was awakened (some how after being a mom, you never sleep deep again) by his violent cough/gag that turns into vomiting.  I sat him up to help.  Wow, his body was so hot to the touch.  His vomit/gag thing kept happening, he seemed to be seizing and having trouble with breathing.

I attached him to the stomach suction machine, hoping that would minimize the vomit.  Jeremy came down because he heard the commotion.  Take his temperature and it was 103.8.  Worked on getting him some Tylenol and put him on the pulse ox monitor.  Heart rate was dancing/racing around 170 and his O2 at 90 (should be 100 percent).  Seizing, temperature and more, means sick.

Jeremy scooped him up for a shower in hopes it would help bring down him temperature.  The poor thing was trembling with chills.  Even in the shower he was miserable, labored breathing, seeming to still be seizing (although, like a boy he did pee in the shower).
After the shower, we decided to give him a Diastat to hopefully help get control of the seizure.

The monitor still did not look good.  His temp came down to around 102.  Then we brought out the oxygen to help with his breathing.
He could not get settled and could not find sleep.  I sat and watched him, trying to comfort him the best I could, for the next couple of hours till the nurse arrived.  The oxygen finally helped his breathing, the Diastat calmed the seizure and the Tylenol brought his fever down a little.  Then we gave him some ibuprofen and that brought it down to a low grade fever.  He finally fell asleep a few hours later.

So far today, he has been better.  Slight fever return but no significant seizures (can't count all those little ones) and his breathing is much better.

The major bummer is that he was supposed to go to Jill's House this weekend, Fri-Sun.  I am sad that he will miss his weekend there because he loves it so much and he has not been in a few months.

So he was faking it just to get out of school, he really was sick.

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