Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Green Monster

No I am not talking baseball.

Brayden's is in a large green cast.

A few weeks ago, Brayden had Botox in both of his legs...concentrating more on his right leg, which is always problematic.  Brayden has had Botox many times and usually we see quick, positive results, meaning his legs actually relax a bit more. 

However after this past round of Botox, we did not see any improvement.  In fact, the opposite.  He was pulling that leg tighter and more protective of it.

So we made an appointment with his ortho.

The appointment did not start off on the best foot. 

They could not find Brayden's appt (and they already over book), so we may have to wait.  Then we find out the ortho dr is joining a new group.  Which means we have to complete those dreaded Medical History forms.  At this point in Brayden's life, it takes me forever to fill it all in...and there is never enough room (or boxes for all his medical issues), so I write all over the paper.  And then I get lazy...the part when asked about procedures and surgeries, I list a few major surgeries and then write in "lots more", figuring if they really need the info they will ask for it.

On top of the medical history form for the new group, we find out that this new group does not accept one of Brayden's insurances...I will blog about this later.

We finally make it back to the room.  The ortho doctor checks out Brayden and she can immediately tell things are not quite right with his leg.  We discuss the previous Botox and that it just may not have worked this time around and may need to have surgery to lengthen/cut the muscle in his right leg (which we have done in the past).  Just in case she wants x-rays.

Oh how I hate x-rays for Brayden.  We have to straighten his leg, the best we can, keep him still while they can get the images.

The images came out showing the bowing in his femur, which we knew about.  But also some tiny fractures, some healing, some new, in the lower part of his femur.  The best way to explain it, is like bending a stick and it starts to splinter right before it breaks.

This may not be something to cast him for but it can help.  However, the cast must be put on with his leg extended... and his leg has been retracted, tight, up in his frog leg are we going to get it straight?!

We did get it straight, with a lot of screaming and crying.  Brayden sounded tortured and screaming in pain (like I have not heard from him in some time, oh it seemed like we could not get the cast on fast enough).
Then we realized, we had to get him home...with his leg straight in the cast, sticking straight out.  All of his previous casts have been with a bend in the leg.  We had to rearrange the car seat to the other side so we could push the front seat all the way forward and prop up his leg.  It was awkward to get him in the car.  And yes his pants are hanging off, his left leg...just the state of things once we finally got his situated...
The quick check-up with the doctor turned into a 4 hours appointment and the big green monster of a cast.

By the time we got home, Brayden was miserable.  He was screaming.  I called the pediatrician, trying to figure out what medications we could give him to help with his extreme heavy of medication should we give him?  So a little bit of medication and Brayden dosed off.

Now what to do about school?

First problem, no pants.  Brayden's pants could not get over his cast.  And all of his previous cast experiences have been in warm weather so we could do shorts.  I ran to WalMart very early this morning to find some big cheap sweats (which is what we all would secretly like to wear everyday).  Then I have to drive Brayden to school.  With his leg straight out, he cannot fit in his wheelchair for the bus and school.  He can fit in his jogger but that cannot be used on the bus.

So off to school he went.  I dropped him off, he seemed okay.  And I will pick him up before the end of school so I can get back to Waterford for his brothers' bus pick up time (Brayden's school is about 20 minutes away from home).

The cast should be on for only 2 weeks, so only two weeks of awkwardly carrying him, putting him in the car and driving him back and forth to school.  Hopefully he is comfortable.

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kristihall said...

I giggled over the paperwork - I've started keeping a little laminated cheat sheet in my purse since there's so much for my kid too. :(

Poor Brayden. Casting sucks. So hard to keep them clean and comfortable.
Sending positive thoughts.