Monday, November 11, 2013

Like an old smoker...

Brayden has been under the weather.  Several days in a row with fevers and a cough that makes him sound like an old man who has been smoking for decades.  With that cough comes a horrible retching that has strangers taking cover and us cleaning him up.
A trip to the doctor and some antibiotics with a side of nebulizer treatments.  Surprisingly we have never done neb treatments with Brayden.  He has had a wide variety of breathing masks over the years but never for something simple like neb treatments.
Putting the mask on was a task, then finding the best position...and keeping the mask on was another task.  He would finally give in but still showing his protest with an angry face and his little hands in a fist, his signs that he is still case he did not make it clear before.

Not a fan but it did help.

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