Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craft time

American Education week and lots of activities at school.  This time it was Brayden's turn.  Parents were invited to class for craft time.

A noise maker.  Brayden was a little help holding the beads and feathers.  We hold up two items, within his sight, for him choose.  He will direct his gaze to the one he would like.  So he picked a few of the beads and so did mommy.  And Brayden was not pleased with it at first, he really wanted a morning nap.

It was a nice time to see the kiddos in his class as well as the parents.  All the kids parked in their wheelchairs, enjoying their time with their parents and the parents filled with laughter (about all kinds of things that would never happen in Carter and Luke's classes).

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