Monday, November 25, 2013

Bones, bones, them bad bones

Brayden is out of his massive leg cast.

A long afternoon at the ortho doctor.  More x-rays, more discussion of what to do for him.

Does this look like a boy who will cooperate for x-rays?  Try to place his legs in the correct position for x-rays and all he wants to do is swing them out and off the table.
Oh I hate x-rays for him, it is such torture and sometimes actual pain to get him in the best position for the best pictures.

The femur doesn't look like it is healing as well as it could be, something about bad absorption.  This ortho doctor agreed with those at Children's that Brayden should get a bone scan.

Then I have to spend a lot of time getting together his records, reports and x-rays from this office to those at Children's (can be a time consuming task).

Getting Brayden home was definitely easier without the cast.  However, the next couple of days were rough.  He was not comfortable and I worried something was really wrong with his leg...times of screaming pain when I would move him.  Thankfully that stopped and he was more comfortable.

Still waiting to hear about his labs.  Then we have the bone scan Dec 3.

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