Thursday, October 24, 2013

No rest for the weary

I supposed the youngest of any family is dragged around from thing to thing, always at siblings events and countless hours of things the youngest has no interest in and testing their stamina and patience.

Well Brayden is no exception.

Since the start of fall sports (which actually start the first week in August), he has endured hours and hours of football practices and games.  While is used to be a great amount of torture for him (crowds cheering, shakers shaking, the weather...and oh those cheerleaders, lots of little tiny voices screaming for little league football), has become something he seem to enjoy.  He likes bring outside, around the kids and family.  The word football no longer causes his face to tighten into a grimace.

Progress, people, major progress.  We have been able to make it to almost all of the boy's football games.

And of course we push Brayden's limits with football Saturdays and an entire day spent at the field with games.  He still lets us know when he has had enough.

Then there is basketball.  Again with the crowds cheering, buzzers buzzing, bouncing basketballs and the refs whistles...all could be cause for a meltdown and Brayden's evacuation of the gym.  So far with a few basketball events and Brayden has been calm.

But basketball season is upon us and almost into full swing (not Brayden's favorite sport).

Then there are all of the additional "fun" things Brayden is a part of...

Fall festivities.

One of my favorite times of year.  Farms, pumpkin patches, corn mazes are all are our must do list for this time of year.  And guess what, Brayden is going too.

Even if it rains a little, we compensate.
And we may make him take pictures (apparently torture for any child).
And we decorate all of his chairs with obnoxious lights (too bad the orange ones on this chair stopped working so I will be replacing them!).

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