Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flashback to those vomiting days

Brayden had been under the weather for several days.

It is one of those times I really wish the whole non-verbal thing was a non-issue and he could tell us what was bothering him.  He just seemed miserable and I really had no way of figuring out how to help him (other than some good cuddles).

Thankfully it wasn't major medical issues or special Brayden issues.  It just seemed like a regular kind of under the weather thing (which thankfully hasn't happen to him much, he was too busy dealing with those major medical issues).

Unfortunately the little under the weather thing brought back some major vomiting.  A couple of days of major vomiting.  He would start with a little cough, that turned into gagging, the gagging he could not get under control which turned in to vomiting, this awful retching that was so violent and we could not help him stop.  It looked so hard on him and then he would have tears streaming down his cheeks.  Oh how much I hate him vomiting, it is miserable, especially when it happens so frequently in such a short amount of time.

I spent a couple of nights up with him, trying to catch the vomit before going over him or his bed.  Lots of rags and towels stacked on his bed.  It amazes me that he can vomit something up when he gets nothing into his tummy.

Then came the fever.  He looked hot to the touch.  Carter and Luke wanted me to bring along the thermometer when we went out to keep checking him,  he just looked so hot and they were concerned.  But the fever was only 99.7 - 100.

So yesterday we visited the dr.  Nothing significant.  He did much better yesterday and slept great last night.  No return of the fever yesterday or today so Brayden headed off for school.

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