Monday, October 14, 2013

It may have been a first

Brayden made it through an entire movie.

Ask anyone who has ever been to a movie with us...Brayden walks the halls of the theater usually crying, never watching an entire movie.  Perhaps it is too loud (it is louder, right?...not just getting older and less tolerable).

Brayden is not a fan of the movie theater.

But still we try.

Carter's everlasting birthday and we were supposed to go to the circus.  But it did not work out (if ever the Big Apple Circus is in your town, they are incredibly accessible and so helpful to those in wheelchairs, great seats and discount ticket prices, just call the office).

Leaving the decision up to Carter on what to do, so we headed for a 3D movie.

Snacks, glasses and we were ready.
And we had to try on the glasses for the photo op.

Brayden sat in his wheelchair for most of the movie and then nestled in my lap (I could have taken a nap with his cuddly little body keeping me cozy).

We walked down to a restaurant for a late lunch and a stop at pinkberry for a sweet treat.  The boys love to give Brayden a little taste and watch him work his mouth like it was a spoonful rather than just the drop put on his lip.
Brayden handled it all with flying colors.

However when we got home, we realized Brayden was actually sick and the relaxed behavior for the day was really him being very lethargic.

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