Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seriously, what is that smell?!

I don't know if it is because of medications, the ketogenic diet, being tube feed or his GI system, but Brayden can have some MAJOR diaper blowouts.

Yes, this is a poop post, sorry (and I will refrain from using pictures).  And I am not trying to embarrass Brayden,  some how even he likes poop is funny, just like all boys.  I think he thinks the word poop is funny...what have his brothers been teaching him!?  Frankly, we just have to laugh when it comes to poop because otherwise it is just disgusting for all.

Brayden has become regular, kind of predictable to have a bm in the morning.  Well this morning, I did not have his nurse, of course of all mornings.  I go in to his room to say good morning and find him in a mound, oozing out of his diaper, it is everywhere.  Knowing that this was requiring a major wipe down, clothing, bedding change, bed cleaning, etc, I started to get to work on the clean up.

What makes me sad is that he doesn't cry or alert me that he is covered in poop, laying in it for who knows how long.  And he even has been kicking his legs, spreading the mess even more.

In the morning, I tend to be in my pajama pants and a large sweatshirt, something cozy especially since the cold weather is coming.  This morning I had on a gigantic hooded Jenkins Restorations sweatshirt that Jeremy brought home from the office; the hoodie with the strings hanging out to tighten the hood.  I quickly noticed that the strings were getting in the way, I tossed them over my back and proceeded with the clean up.  And it was some clean up...I even thought about tossing everything in the trash rather than scooping it all off the sheets and clothing before tossing it in the wash hoping for a miracle cleaning.

I scrubbed Brayden clean and then my hands.  I got Carter and Luke off to school and tended to the dog (who lately cannot be left alone for a moment).  I start to clean up the kitchen and I keep smelling poop.  Now, it does stink up the house so I opened a window and had a couple of candles burning, in hopes the smell would go away quickly.

I was still smelling it, so I checked Brayden to make sure he did not go more.  He did not and wanted to be left alone after going through the major clean up of him and his bed.

Oh that smell.

I go upstairs to put in my contacts and I see myself in the mirror for the first time this morning.  Apparently I did not move the hoodie strings in enough time because they looked like they had been dipped right down into the poop.

Oh that smell, I will never get used to it.


dannette said...

This post if funny to me as we have so many poop stories at our house. I guess you just have to embrace the humor as you scrub or throw away! The best are the blow outs in public (not). We are to the point our little one isn't little enough to lay on a changing table in a public bathroom. So fun to try and discreetly change a child in a van! I can so relate to your life and I have no doubt Brayden is cracking up about the poop as I know our kiddo does!

Demorest Designs said...

I am sure that your kids love that they can all 3 laugh at POOP and your positive perspective is as always so encouraging!