Wednesday, September 18, 2013

He needed respite

The Monday after Brayden's first weekend at Jill's House was expected to be a rough one, not that any one enjoys Mondays but Brayden notoriously does NOT like Mondays and going back to school.  So add to this Monday, he had been away for his first weekend.

Jeremy and I talked about keeping Brayden home from school, even having concern that he would be so exhausted from his weekend at Jill's House that seizures could be a problem.  But Brayden slept well that night and was happy that Monday morning so we sent him to school (with his nurse).

I was fully expecting Brayden to have a rough day but then I got a text from his nurse at school, "Bray is so happy!  They are wondering what they did with him, lol!"

And he continued to have a great week, a really great week.  And Brayden is not a huge fan of school, he often spends a good bit of time fussing...not this week.

So theories have been floating around about Brayden after his first Jill's House stay:
1.  It was like a spa weekend - nice relaxing time, filled with relaxing activities like floating in a warm pool.  He was rejuvenated.
2.  Brayden finally put on his big boy pants - as with any child, they seem to grow up just after their first times away from home and mom & dad.  Jill's House made Brayden finally own up to behaving like a boy and not a baby (not that mommy helps with treating him like my baby...).
3.  Brayden needed respite...from us.  For the first time Brayden was not dragged to countless activities (sports, church, more sports, restaurants, errands, etc.).  Brayden had a break from our hectic life.  He finally got rest.

He may really be looking forward to his next stay...his need for more respite.

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Amity said...

I have been reading and following along for years. This post just made me smile so much for your family. And I imagine your son is thinking inside, "I'm such a big boy! I had a grand adventure!" Jill's House sounds like such a blessing. Thank you for sharing.