Saturday, September 7, 2013

We made the drop

It was short and sweet...very short.

I was not prepared for how short.  We walked in and were greeted by several staff.  They said, "Okay, this is where we say goodbye."  Quick kisses and no tears...they wheeled him off while we meet with the nurse.

I get why the drop off is drama, lingering parents, upset kids, etc.  But when we dropped off Carter and Luke for their camp, we saw their room, helped get their bed and stuff situated...nope, not with Brayden, off he went.  Thankfully he was quite content.  Oh how I would love to know what he is thinking...

We sat with the nurse for a while to go through all of his medications, feeding, drains, suction, etc.  then Jeremy and I headed home.

The night was restless...eerily quiet, no sound of machines, Brayden kicking his bed...Jeremy said he woke up several times thinking he was hearing Brayden.

And I have checked my phone more times in the past 12 hours than Jeremy does in a normal day (and his phone might as well be surgically attached to him, for those of you that have been around him know what I mean).

So no news is good news.  No phone calls so Brayden must be doing well and the nurses must have figured out all of his stuff.

So for the rest of the weekend I will continue to check my phone and I may or may not have called myself to make sure it was going through...

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