Monday, September 23, 2013

Stand up

The stander looks like a medieval torture device, you watch Brayden get strapped in and then cranked up to a standing position.  Sometimes you may think it is torture for Brayden with the way he carries on and screams.  But really it is good for him, strengths him.

Unfortunately, Brayden was not in the stander for months.  It was stopped in the spring when he was miserable with his right leg, then we discovered the fractures, then he was in a cast, etc.

We had to get the ortho's permission for him to start back in the stander at school this year.  He has moments when he can handle it and others when he acts like he cannot it (since it is not his favorite activity, he will do some serious complaining).

Trying to convince him that the stander is great.

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Anonymous said...

he looks great in the stander!

did he ever like using the stander? one of my students this year is new to standing. we put her in two different types of prone standers (support in the front, like the stander brayden is in right now) and she HATED it. she'd calm down if we distracted her enough, but, then she'd cry and scream again. we tried a supine stander (support on the back) and she has not complained once. has brayden tried a supine stander? does he still hate it?

regardless, he looks great! such a big, tall guy! i'm sure this is the start to a wonderful school year :)