Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brace for this

We have a new brace.  We thought we were just going in for new AFOs.  The new hip brace was in as well.  A lot of the fitting, tweaking, putting together and it does the job.  Brayden was perfect for the entire fitting.
This brace is for him to wear at night.  It may appear to be incredibly restrictive and uncomfortable for him but that is quite the contrary.  He actually does really well in the brace.  It seems to provide him with support and input that makes him comfortable.
We have been through a few hip braces and so far this one seems to be the best.  It is custom fitted, we can adjust it based upon his needs and it will grow with him.  The purpose of the brace is to prevent his legs from going up into his "frog" position while he sleeps.  It will keep his legs at a 45 degree angle.

I won't go in to a full explanation of the why and what...hip problems, tight muscles, etc.  But this brace should help.

It just adds more minutes to his bedtime routine.  Of course, I had to ask if it was washable because of blow out diapers and is very washable, thank goodness.

And he did get new AFOs, no pictures because they are getting boring...since we have to look at them all the time, can we get more exciting options?

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Coupons, Codes and More!!!!!! said...

You are wonderful mom
God bless you and baby Brayden always and forever
I have a girl with special needs myself. Her name is Sarah.
My angel ;)