Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let me tell you about this 6 year old boy

A little info about the big boy...while you enjoy pictures from his birthday festivities over the weekend.
His is so much more comfortable in his own body (finally), which allows him to show his personality more.  And let me tell you, he knows he is spoiled rotten.
Favorite Things:
  • Movie - Happy Feet (still his favorite for the past few years)
  • TV show - Mickey Mouse, he will "talk" with joy when Mickey Mouse is on, we have some episode on all of our devices, from iPad to the phone
  • Loves snuggling, preferably with daddy
  • Loves any book that his brothers read to him
  • He loves music, really enjoys music
  • Being pushed around in his wheelchairs, if he is fussy then he wants to be pushed around and watch out if you stop pushing...
  • Rub his head and play with his hair, oh how he loves it
  • He does love to be around other kids, he likes to hang out in the big chair in our family room and be part of the fun
  • To eat - we do sneak a little lick of something every once in a while...perhaps a little icing or ice cream for his birthday...
 His dislikes...and he lets us know quite clearly:
  • Touching his face - do not touch his face, he has never liked it and it an easy way to upset him
  • Loud startling noises, ie the buzzer at a basketball game
  • Getting dressed
  • Too many activities, when he is done, he is done
  • Mondays, just ask his school
  • Tourniquet - he does not like it, he screams more for that than the actual needle
  • With his Great Aunt Janine who "demanded"
    I take a picture of her with him
  • Being woken up - do not ever, I repeat do not ever wake him up unless it is completely necessary.  He will be mad and mostly likely be mad the rest of the day

Then Brayden had a grand time at school for his birthday, party hat and all.  Brayden knew it was his birthday and the boy was all smiles all day.  Here are some of photos they sent from school (he tends to move his head a lot when he smiles so it is hard to capture a good picture...believe me, we have tried).
And of course we had to send in some fun treat for his birthday (in addition to having him all decorated).
Look at this happy boy.  He knew it was his day and he was milking it.
Finally wrapping up the festivities last night, a little ice cream cake at home (after his brother's school concert and soccer practice) .


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday !!!!

I appreciate your post prior to this one....Hudson's birthday is next month and for many years I dread his birthday not knowing how to celebrate when he doesn't even know its his birthday, but there is much growth in the process and today I know what a huge celebration it is because he is here and it's another year with this amazing indescribable love unlike any other.
Brayden looks so happy and big and so loved....May he have a wonderful year with continued growth and happiness!

Vivianne said...

I love that he knows it's about him! Happy birthday little man :) God bless you xx

Anonymous said...

Does he wear diapers

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Love all the pictures! He looks quite pleased with himself! Sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday.