Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Registered for Kindergarten

Today was the day for Loudoun County Public School kindergarten registration.  Today Brayden was registered for kindergarten.  Still a little strange to me that we had to go through the registration process for him since he has much more paperwork in the school system already than most kindergartners.  And we register his at our community school not the school he will be attending.

I remember registering Carter and Luke, the excitement and anticipation of them starting school, embarking on their academic time.  For Brayden it feels anti climatic (I do prefer the less drama, I was a mess sending him to school for the first time a few years ago).  His kindergarten class right next to his current classroom.  Not a huge change but saying he will be in kindergarten does sound too big, too old...he is my baby and he will be in kindergarten.

More paperwork for the kindergarten registration.
I did leave parts blank because I did not feel like explaining his medical stuff, it is too lengthy and his school already has his medical stuff, doctor notes, etc.

I do need to have his physical done.  It seems funny for him to have a normal, planned, non-urgent, non-specialist medical thing to do.

IEP for next year is done.  Registration is done.  Brayden is heading to kindergarten, whether I am ready for him to grow up or not.

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