Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dancing in the Snow

We are here preparing for the big snow storm (that should be arriving any minute).  In the spirit of big snow and us hoping for lots of snow, here is a picture of Brayden's Snowy Day project from school, based upon the book Snowy Day.
Can I just say that this is how I imagine Brayden in heaven one day?!  Happy, smiling, free, frolicking around without pain....and, minus the red suit.

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Amy C said...

I just found your blog and love it! My son is Brayden. His full name is Brayden Cole and he just turned 6 last week. Brayden means Brave and Cole means warrior. I use to blog but haven't done it in years. My family and I are strong Christians and your bible verses caught my attention. It sounds like you have a very full plate. I will be praying that God's provision will be with you and His grace will sustain you. It's not easy! Big hug to you!
Amy Christmas