Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Botox in a new place

Time for Botox.  Brayden gets Botox in his legs 2-3x a year to help the muscles in his legs (and hopefully to prevent any major hip problems).  We have done Botox for him at Childrens's and at Inova Fairfax, two places we are very familiar with and comfortable.  Brayden's ortho surgeon was only available at Inova Alexandria, a hospital that we have never been to.  Brayden's procedures have always been done at the larger hospitals because of his many complicated medical issues and they were equipped to handle them.  Thankfully Brayden has been really healthy.

I was a bit nervous about going to a new place but it was that or wait another three months for availability at Fairfax.  We loaded up to head to Alexandria.

The hospital was great.  Much smaller than the others and things were actually running on time (that never happens).  Brayden was a happy guy, always loving any extra attention.
Until they put a cap on him.

They wheeled him away and about 30 minutes later we were in the PACU with him.  He woke up happy.

Several Botox injections in his legs (the little red dots).  His legs are covered with the iodine and marker the doctor uses to identify the areas pre-surgery.  And that iodine and marker takes several baths and scrub downs to get off.
Headed home and even before rush hour traffic (that also never happens).  I am now a fan of Inova Alexandria.

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