Saturday, October 20, 2012

Where is the tooth?

This little sweetness loves to ride in the car with other children.  I had a car of boys headed to a birthday party.  Brayden was sitting quietly, occasionally chewing on his finger.

A few minutes away from the party location, I glance in my rear view mirror and I see blood.  A ring of blood around his mouth.  Blood?!

We arrive at the party.  I quickly jump out of the car and tend to Brayden.  Where is the blood coming from?  Did he chew his finger too much and break skin (that has happened before)?  Is he regurgitating blood?  A bit of panic was setting in.

Then I see inside his mouth.  The top tooth was missing and in place was the bloody gum.  Brayden was fascinated with the new hole.  He tried over and over again to get his finger in to feel it.

I found the source of the blood but where was the tooth?  A front tooth is a pretty big one so I was hoping his did not swallow it.  I looked in his clothes, in the car seat, around the car seat, etc.  I succumbed to the idea that he swallowed the tooth.  I started to clean up the blood, oh how he loves to have his face wiped...right up there with needles.

Brayden was wiggling his tongue around and around.  I assumed he was trying to discover this new sensation in his mouth.  Then I saw it.  The tooth was rolling around his mouth.  I had to go in and fish it out.  He loves something in his mouth just as much as he likes to have his face wiped.  Try to put anything in his mouth and he will clamp it shut, he will bite down to keep every thing out.

I grabbed his jaw, held tight and stuck my finger in trying to stop him from swallowing the tooth.  After several tries...I chicken out a few times and jerked my finger out to avoid a bite...I got the tooth.

Oh and there were still boys in my car, not just my children, so hopefully they were not to traumatized by the tooth incident.  Once I had the tooth, I showed the boys and then...

I dropped it down a crack.  Carter said Brayden could still do the tooth fairy.

Brayden was thrilled with the experience.

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