Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Those door thresholds

Wheelchairs are not meant for door thresholds.  I used to be able to rock up any stroller over a door threshold, bump or even a curb.  As Brayden has moved up to a "real" wheelchair, I have come to find out that I avoid all curbs; and door thresholds or floor transitions are my new frustration.
The door from our house to the garage has a threshold, that requires a bit of a running start to get a good push over what seems to be a small bump.  But that bump and others like it, is difficult.  As you can see from the chunks taken out in the bottom of the door.
So when planning for Brayden's new room, we had a few design hiccups with those transitions and thresholds.  First, the side room that is being converted to Brayden's suite is a step down.  One step can prove to be difficult when designing a proper ramp.  After much discussion, the ramp was completed.  Jeremy even tested last night with Brayden's wheelchair.
Then the transition from the wood floors to the bathroom's tile floor then into the case you have never noticed, there is usually some sort of transition strip at each of these.  Well, the entire floor of the room had to be raised in order to have a smooth entry into the shower (because of all the things that need to go in to the base of a shower).
All of the floors have been completed and all have smooth transitions.  No thresholds to conquer...just the one to the garage.

A few more things to be done and then Brayden's room will be complete.  His big moving day still to be determined...

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Thresholds are definitely challenging. We are at Children's today and the ramp from the parking lot to the building has a ramp, but there is a lip, a small bump up from the parking lot to the sidewalk. It makes it pretty tricky to get from one area to another.

I love the changes you have made for Brayden's room. Cannot wait to see the finished product!