Wednesday, May 23, 2012

His "happy" place

Brayden can have many days in a row of being unhappy (and I am being kind by just calling him unhappy because he kicks and screams like someone is hurting him).

For several days in a row Brayden has been unhappy.  We were out for lunch on Sunday and Jeremy ended up sitting with Brayden in the car.
The ONLY way that we have found to calm him down the past several days is to hold him...his belly to our belly, head resting on our chest and his legs wrapped around our waist.

The position is very new (like never in his life, until the past several days, new)  I neither would have thought he liked this position but when we are desperate, we try to calm him in whatever way we can.

Every day this week he wanted demanded to be held like this.

Yesterday afternoon, he kicked up the screaming/crying; which turns into violent retching (he does the upset thing to the max).  Of course this happens when I am trying to help Carter and Luke with homework and fix dinner...and the nurse is gone for the night.  I kept going in and out of his room trying to console him: music, movie, lay on back, lay on side, lay on the other side, sit up, etc.

Finally Carter and Luke were situated.  I could hold Brayden.  I tried him this way and that way; of course he ended up like this.
I tried a couple of times to change his position (since my back was hurting) and the screaming/crying started back up.  I feared to move him and unleash his beast.

So we sat some more.  I whisper-yelled (a talent only mastered by moms) for Carter and Luke to get ready for bed and tuck each other into bed.
I sat with Brayden for another hour because any deep breath, sneeze, or wiggle from me caused him to start up again.  But he continued to settle into this position and eventually fell asleep.
I did not want to wake him so we sat a bit longer then I tried to gently transfer him to his bed...that was not as smooth as I would have liked....


Unknown said...

...precious! and I am sure hard to parent the other kiddos. =)

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Very sweet pictures. It really is hard when our kids are upset and we cannot figure out why. I totally understand you when you say you just do what he needs so you can keep him calm, even if it is uncomfortable.

Leighann said...

I wonder if his stomach hurt and that relieved the pressure?! You guys are such good parents (even to Carter and Luke even though you must not feel so when you tell them to tuck themselves in - - have so been there!). You are doing such a good job. I pray the Lord will sustain you with his energy and strength and peace.