Monday, May 23, 2011

He's got Happy Feet

Well, not really.  But he has the movie and some really cute toes peeking out of the cast.

Brayden is slowly adjusting to having his leg in the cast.  He is getting a bit more comfortable being moved around.  At first, he only wanted to be in bed, not to be touched or moved for any reason.  The past few days, he has briefly been in the car and a jogger stroller.  Brayden does not seem to fit in his wheelchair with the big cast so Jeremy dashed out and picked up a fancy schmancy jogger stroller that could accommodate Brayden (and we could still use for Brayden at the boys' sporting events and our outdoor adventures).  At night, he has being crying for us to come shift him a little so he could be more comfortable.

As for Happy Feet, last week we discovered that Brayden enjoys the movie.  A little portable DVD player in his bed to watch the movie.  I think he likes this particular movie for a few reasons:  it has LOTS of music and he likes music; the movie colors are pretty simple, black and white because it is all about penguins; and the vibrations of the actual player, Brayden lays his arm right on top of the player.  Several times, he has fussed/cried when the movie came to an end.

Do you wanna know how many times he has watched the movie? 

Many, many times.  He deserves to be spoiled with his Happy Feet.


Melissa said...

I love Happy Feet for Brayden!

Debbie said...

THAT is something to celebrate!
To know he is enjoying and responding to a movie....I'd let him watch it over and over again too!

Mo said...

Doncha' love it when you find something that your kid can't seem to get enough of??

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Finding something that he loves and wants to watch over and over sounds pretty good to me. I always wonder what Emily would pick if she could tell me. She loves music too and always likes the penguins at the aquarium - think I am going to have to show Emily this movie!