Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brayden has something against Mother's Day

Well, really just not a fan of the entire weekend.

Brayden screamed on Saturday.  He does not like wind or any sort of breeze lately.  He screams more for that than getting an IV.  The older boys have soccer, outside.  Where, guess what?  There is a breeze.  Brayden screamed his way through the soccer game and the rides in the car.

Brayden screamed on Sunday.  He cried and screamed and screamed and cried.  We went to church then out to lunch.  Well, the older boys and I had lunch while Jeremy and Brayden were sitting outside (in a non-breeze zone) because Brayden was not happy.  Hmmm, is this deja vu or did this happen last year too?  Later that evening, we headed back to church for Carter and Luke's award ceremony.  Brayden continued to cry and scream despite the effort of his Grandfather.  As tradition, we head out for ice cream after the ceremony.  Brayden continued to scream.  I sat outside with him.  Jeremy sat outside with him.  See the "smiles" while I am gritting my teeth...

Have you ever taken a ride in a car with a screaming child?  Is there anything more frustrating and exhausting?

Every part of the weekend included Brayden crying in the car.

Come Monday, a school day.  He cried on his way to school, at school and on his way home.  We considered keeping him home today but did not.  Not expecting a great report from school.

Jeremy and I were at our wits end.  Nothing seemed to help Brayden.  No clue as to the cause of all the screaming.  He seems so miserable and we can offer him very little help.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

So sorry to hear this! It is SOOOOOO hard when they are crying and cannot tell us what is wrong. We really just want to fix it, don't we? I have driven with a crying/screaming child. Not fun! Praying your week gets better from here and you are able to figure out what Brayden needs.

The Henrys said...

Gracie hates riding in the car because of the stop and go. After a few red lights, she will get very mad and start screaming and not stop until we arrive at our destination. It is so hard on all of us, including her. She doesn't like to cry like that but there is just something about the stop and go that messes with her vestibular system.