Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2 week Countdown

Went to see the ortho for Brayden this week, looks good, femur is healing nicely and two more weeks in the cast.

Went to see a different ortho for Luke this week, looks good, the arm is healing nicely and two more weeks in the cast.

Brayden's cast removal maybe difficult.  The physical therapist and orthopedist warned me that he will probably be pretty uncomfortable when the cast is removed because he leg has been in that position for so long.  The orthopedist recommended physical therapy.  I told her that he gets it at school but even though school will be out shortly, the PT will help us with activities we can do at home...particularly get him in the stander as soon as possible.  Oh boy...

Just the past couple of weeks, I have had Luke and Brayden with me out and about (mostly for doctor appointments).  We look terrible.  Luke with his arm cast, Brayden with his leg cast and I feel like I have terrible dark circles under my eyes.  When asked what happened by many people, I have not been quite sure where to start.  Could I just say we were in an accident?!  That seems like an easier answer...we were kind of, over and over again...

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Mo said...

We are gearing up for 3 wks in a cast and a knee immobolizer. Three wks doesn't seem long at all unless you are HAVE to do something you'd rather not do... in my case, I'm dreading it.

Praying for a quick and smooth 2 wks for you and your crew.