Friday, May 13, 2011

Can we get a break?

Luke brought home a book this week from the library.  The book was about a child who documented all the funny pharses adults say that really make no sense if taken literally.  Like, my ears are burning...can you imagine someone's ears actually on fire.  Or I cried my eyes out.  Or I have a frog in my throat.  Or my lips are sealed.

We have certainly heard people say to us lately, "I hope you can just get a break!"...after all of Brayden's hospital and doctor excitement.

Apparently, Luke took "get a break" a bit to literal.

An afternoon of playing outside and he lands on his arm.  So off we were to the ER once again.  The ER has become all to familiar to us and a little too comfortable. 

Luke broke his arm in two places...a temporary splint that was changed into a hard cast a couple of days later.  Luke needed to show Brayden and let him feel the cool blue cast.


Shannon said...

Wow! You guys really do keep the ER in business. :-) Love his cast and the signatures on it. Cute!!

K said...

I'm so sorry for Luke! Megan broke her arm 3 1/2 weeks ago - both bones in her forearm after falling off the monkey bars...Tell him we're sorry and will pray it heals quickly!

It was good to say hi quick at church Sunday...I'm praying for you guys continuously!