Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weddings are fun right?

My brother's wedding was July 11. Luke was the ring bearer.

We all headed to MD for the rehearsal. Everyone dressed nicely...and attempting to behave nicely.

The moment that we arrived. Brayden screamed. He screamed some more and then more. Jeremy worked so hard to calm him. I felt like everyone there was hoping that Brayden would not be disruptive on the wedding day. Then somewhere in the midst of taking him in and out of his KidKart, his feeding tube came out (the tube from the food bag to his tube became detached). We did not notice until he was soaked. He was dripping in formula. We were only a little bit into the rehearsal and then we had the dinner.

In case you do not know me, I am a planner. I have bags for all road trips, day trips and any kind of trip...all for the just in case and things for the kids to do. Since we were leaving on vacation shortly after the wedding I cleaned out the car to have it ready to load for the trip. I took out the bag with Brayden's just in case a change of clothes.

I determined not to miss a moment of my brother's wedding celebrations, prayed that Brayden would be okay in formula soaked clothes.

On to the dinner. Brayden seemed to be doing a bit better. Then the tube came loose again. Formula dripping again. I was stressed and grouchy (so was Jeremy).

Hmmm, how was the wedding day going to go?

To help with Brayden we taped those tubes together so much that I needed scissors to get it apart and we medicated him to help with whatever was bothering him.

The wedding was beautiful. Luke did great as the ring bearer. Brayden enjoyed the music and sang along, thankfully was quite when the music stopped.

For more wedding pictures check out the family blog.


Shannon said...

Yeah - you are back and your blog is back. I have missed you. :) The wedding and baseball game photos are all beautiful. Brayden looks like he has gotten taller within the last month! Let's try to plan a night out.

Leah said...

weddings are not always easy, for sure. you continue to be an inspiration for me and our family - in just all that you and brayden do. makes me believe that we can do those things too! (if my siblings ever decide to get married of course!) anyway, thanks for the info about the fundo- i looked into a bit more and am really agreeing that it seems so much more complicated than our surgeon is making it seem. i'm going to have a second opinion and maybe third. but again, thank you.

the deKorne family said...

He was so precious...everybody loved seeing him and having him there! Sorry it added stress for you...hope you got to relax on vacation! And thanks again!!

Keri said...

Feeding tubes....UGH....they can be such a pain. We had the same thing happen the morning of Logan's triathlon. Didn't notice he was soaked and dripping wet until the near end of his feeding. With no time to change, he participated in icky formula drenched clothes. What a drag.

Love the family photo. You have such a gorgeous family!