Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brayden and the Lawyer

Brayden met with a lawyer.

Well, not really him. Jeremy and I did, Brayden tagged along.

We are in the process of setting up a Special Needs Trust for him.

A Special Needs Trust similiar to a will but a holds money specifically for Brayden. In order for Brayden to always be eligible for government aid (like his waiver and Medicaid) he can not have more than $2000 to his or years from now. This may not sound like a big deal to someone that has no idea how important government aid is to someone with serious special needs, it not only helps take some of the financial burden (picking up the slack of what insurance does not cover) but opens many more doors to lots of programs and services.

As part of this trust, we will appoint a Trustee to oversee Brayden's care. Then down the road, Carter or Luke can take over if they would like. The trust will give guidelines on what the money should be used for to ensure Brayden's care.

The trust is something that other's can give towards...not something that someone has to do but could be a nice option for him for Christmas or birthday. I mean he is our third boy...he has clothes and toys, well we are working on him playing with toys.

Attached to the Special Needs Trust, Jeremy and I are going to add a Letter of Intent. This letter will contain information on the quality of life that we would like Brayden to have in the future, so that others will know how to make decisions for him. Such as, Brayden continuing with school until the proper time, not to be part in a home/institution, activities, things we would like he to be a part of...

Kind of overwhelming to think about but important to do.

Of course Jeremy and I will be taking care of Brayden...just preparing for the future, whatever it may hold.


Shannon said...

Great idea!

Michelle said...

You are very wise, God clearly chose the right parents for your children.